Focus314 Church

Day 3 – All Have Sinned

Read it : Romans 3:1-20

Live it : Did you know that Paul once described himself as the “chief of all sinners”? In today’s reading, we see this beautiful explanation of sin by Paul. We see that he brings forth a very important point about the topic of sin. We ALL have sinned. No matter how “bad” or “good” a person is, we are all sinners. This is an important point because as Christians we understand that salvation is through Christ alone and not by our deeds. We do the right things out of celebration because of the Grace God has given us. This is also very important to the person who doesn’t believe in Jesus because it eliminates the separation between a “good” and “bad” person. It places everyone under the same umbrella, which allows us all to seek Jesus. We ALL have sinned, and we ALL need Jesus.

-Ps. Rafael