Focus314 Church

Day 2

Read it: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, Luke 1:46-54

Live it: 

I remember when I heard, “You need to pick your battles and fight them well.” At the time I had no idea the extent of the phrase, but through my spiritual journey, I realized how important that is. 

Very early in my life I realized that I love to help people. However, with that came lots of headaches because some people didn’t want help. This led  me to struggle with feelings of  emptiness and inadequacy. 

Sometimes we feel like that in God’s kingdom. We want to help or make a difference, but we often find ourselves asking how we can. 

There’s a great truth that as believers we must acknowledge: God has given us specific talents and gifts to use in His Kingdom. We jus tneed to fight our battles and fight them well! 

When you look at yourself, ask yourself what are you good at? Maybe your gifts or talents are what someone needs today. 

Do it:

Think about the spiritual gifts you have that you are grateful for and write them down on a piece of paper or on your electronic device. How do you feel about the spiritual gifts on your grateful list? 

Pastor Rafael