Focus314 Church

Day 1

Read it: Proverbs 18:24, 1 Samuel 17:57-18:4

Live it: 

There are special moments in your life when you meet someone who will have a life-long impact on you. I refer to these moments as Divine Relationships. 

Someone so special that they are closer than a brother, they are closer than a sister. Someone whom you know was brought to you by God, a true Divine Relationship.  

I have had a handful of those special moments. A college classmate who just happened to live right down the hall and kept his room as clean as mine. A fellow employee that started out being in a tense relationship. A chance encounter at a conference. Each of these moments became Divine Relationships. 

David and Jonathan were given a Divine Relationship

But it takes effort to keep up with these Divine Relationships; that is the Divine Flow. The Divine Relationship is given by God, but the Divine Flow takes effort.  

A college classmate who now lives half the country away takes effort to text more than once a week. A fellow employee who started out being in a tense relationship took effort to work out our differences and realize we were more alike than we could ever have imagined. A chance encounter at a conference took a follow up message, and then another follow up message, and yet another follow up message. 

Jonathan took the effort to stay in the Divine Flow of the relationship.

I’m beyond thankful that God has blessed me with these brothers, but even more thankful that we have stayed in the Divine Flow of these Divine Relationships. 

Do it: 

Think about the relationships you are grateful for and write them down on a piece of paper or on your electronic device. How do you feel about each person on your grateful list? 

Pastor Darren