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Day 20 Jesus’ Ministry (Jerusalem) Luke 22

Read it : Luke 22

Live it : 

This chapter focuses on the final hours of Jesus’ life before his crucifixion. Do you know how Jesus felt about what was getting ready to transpire? He didn’t want it to happen, and he prayed that it wouldn’t. 

But he demonstrates to us the spiritual discipline of submission, which allows us to give up control over our life and yield ourselves to God. Also in this chapter are familiar verses that we often read when we are doing communion. Jesus wanted his disciples and us to remember the sacrifice he made.

 I find this important in my own life to remember his sacrifice and yield myself to God and so I find myself wearing Focus shirts and wolfpack shirts all the time. I don’t want to make a series of bad choices and end up in a mugshot while wearing a Focus shirt or a wolfpack shirt! 

Yielding to God is a decision we must make every day, sometimes every minute and it often involves giving up our own comfort or convenience but it is worth it, because it gives us a powerful freedom that can only be obtained when we submit to God. 

Ps. James

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