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Day 21 Jesus’ Death & resurrection Luke 23-24

Read it : Luke 23-24

Live it : 

One thing about that Bible that is so marvelous to me is how across so many years, across so many authors, across so many physical obstacles to get to us –  it supports itself over and over again. For instance this section of Luke  is predicted as far back as the Psalms. Psalm 22 has predictions that come true, exactly as written and accounted for in this chapter. 

Look at these parallels:

Ps 22:7-8 and Luke 23:35-39

Ps 22:18 and Luke 23:34

Incredible, right?! As this series of Binge the Bible concludes I challenge you to continue to dig deeper into how the Bible is not only supporting itself, but still speaking to you today and everyday. 

Ps. Jenni

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