Focus314 Church

Day 4- The “Now” of God’s Grace

Read it- 2 Timothy 1:6-12 NLT

Live it- 

Today, we finish up the Sola Gratia section of our study. Pastor James emphasized that salvation comes by grace alone; that is, you cannot earn salvation. Pastor Rod brought to our attention that God’s grace is a sustaining grace in every situation we face. The focus of this devotional points to God’s Grace having the purpose of Jesus taking our place because it was God’s plan from the beginning.

Paul tells Timothy that God’s grace is given to us now! Let’s emphasize the “now” portion. God’s grace was not given for yesterday although all our sins are forgiven if we ask. And, God’s grace is not for tomorrow because we are not there yet. God’s grace is for the situation you are in right now. Can you see it? Can you hear the voice of the Spirit? Can you feel his grace helping in this situation? Paul can. He is in a prison, writing to a struggling preacher. Paul, the great man of God, sitting in a filthy, stinky, feces-filled room, says God’s grace is right here with me.

However, Paul did not stop there. He says that God’s Grace produces a Call to a Holy Life. God’s grace inspires us to want to please the Savior of our lives. Thus, grace produces an expression of gratitude resulting in life change. Jesus said those who love him do what he asks.

This awesome grace does not just call us to holy living but also empowers us to change through the Spirit. Paul states that the Spirit is able to guard us until the coming day (v. 12)! If the Spirit is guarding us, we have nothing to fear. We now can live our best lives without fear of disappointing the Father. No matter what happens, we can do this each day knowing that God gives his grace to us. In fact, I don’t have to “earn” God’s favor because I am already a Child of God! Now, the question for you to answer is “What does living in grace as a child of God look like in my life?”