Focus314 Church

Day 4

Read it: Ephesians 4:11, Romans 12:10Luke 7:36-46

Live it: 

In my opinion, honor is something that gets a little lost in our American culture. In contrast, honor is something that Jesus taught, so we should strive to follow his example. The people who have shaped us into who we are today, our parents, our teachers and our mentors, should be honored. 

In this text the woman finds Jesus and shows him her best honor, even through the criticism of others. As you read today’s portion of scripture, reflect on those who have molded you into who you are today and think of ways to express honor to them in a new and fresh way. 

Do it: 

Think about the spiritual leaders or mentors in your life for whom you are grateful.  Write their names down. How do you feel about those whose names you wrote down? How can you show honor to them today?

Pastor Jenni