Focus314 Church

Day 5

Read it: James 1:17Matthew 25:14-30

Live it: 

Today’s verse from the book of James reminds us that every good and perfect gift in our lives comes directly from God. Be thankful today for all the possessions around you that function to make your life more comfortable. 

Now ask yourself, “How am I using those gifts to further God’s kingdom?” The servants in the Parable of the Talents were accountable to their master for multiplying the money that he put in their care. We, too, are accountable to God for how we use and multiply the gifts, talents, and possessions He has put in our care. 

Connecting our talents, interests, and hobbies to our possessions can create opportunities to reach others for the kingdom. My husband, Tim, and I use our home, our largest possession, and our gift of hospitality to host a Focus Group in our home every week. We are thankful for our home and use it as a place to connect with others through sharing a meal, studying God’s word, and encouraging each other in prayer. Like the two servants who invested and multiplied their master’s money, when I stand before God someday, I want to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Do it:

Think about the material possessions that you are grateful for and write some of your favorite possessions down on a piece of paper or on your electronic device. How do you feel about some of your favorite possessions?