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Day 6 Jesus’ Ministry (Galilee) Luke 8

Read it : Luke 8

Live it : 

In this chapter of Luke Jesus continues to preach his good news through parables. In Luke 8:26-39 we see Jesus show up to a small town on the shores of a lake and interrupt their lives. He delivers freedom to not only a man living with a demon but to the entire town. The demons that once plagued the man were sent into a herd of pigs and promptly rushed off a steep bank to drown in the lake below. 

I don’t know about you but if I were there to witness that, I would have been left speechless after witnessing something so unknown. And that is how the townspeople reacted. They were terrified by the change in the man, by the chain of events, and begged Jesus to leave! 

Sometimes we fear the unknown because it is so uncomfortable. The townspeople were so upset about the loss of their herd that they missed out on the celebration of Jesus’ deliverance. The same is true for our lives. When Jesus interrupts our lives to bring us freedom, we often are terrified of the adjustment we may have to make. Today, think about how you react when God interrupts your life and let the uncomfortableness by changed by the freedom he can give!

Ps. Jessica