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Day 5 Jesus’ Ministry (Galilee) Luke 7

Read it : Luke 7

Live it : 

In chapter 6, Luke records a series of teachings of Jesus that have some similarities with Matthew’s record of the Sermon on the Mount. Chapter 7, though it contains some teaching, is a record of a series of miracles. The first is the healing of the Roman Officer’s servant. Notice the humility of the Roman Officer, when he stated his unworthiness of having Jesus come to his house. Jesus equated that with GREAT FAITH. The next miracle is the raising back to life of the deceased son of a widow from Nain. In this case Jesus saw a need and met it.

In the next section of chapter 7, John the Baptist has doubts about who Jesus is. He sends a delegation to ask Jesus if He is the Messiah. Notice that Jesus doesn’t scold or punish, He just continues to do miracles and then tells John’s friends to go tell John what they have seen and heard.

The chapter ends with Jesus going to a Pharisee’s house for a feast and a sinful woman anointing his feet with perfume. Jesus saw this as an expression of faith and as a result forgave her of her sins. Notice how the other guests responded: “Who is this man, that he goes around forgiving sins?”

Think about this: How do I respond when miracles happen and when someone I think is a great sinner receives forgiveness?

Ps. Rod