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Day 6: The choice to seek God

Day 6: The choice to seek God

Read it: Matthew 6:31-33 & 1 Corinthians 2:8-9

Live it: 

I like to think of myself as a little bit of a foodie. I am not exactly a food expert, but I enjoy finding new spots, new dishes, and new flavors to try out. You could say I love to seek out food.

Now, there is nothing wrong with finding a good taco stand, but what happens when it becomes “the priority”? How many times do we find ourselves worrying over our next bite or next outfit instead of focusing on God? I know I sometimes do!

This is exactly what today’s passage of scripture talks about. We do not need to pursue these things because we have a God who already knows everything we need. 

Once we understand this mindset, generosity becomes so much easier. We are able to bless others without being concerned about ourselves. If I know who my God is, I will choose to seek Him first and foremost. If I know who my God is, I will choose to give generously because I know who has my back.

As you are reading today’s verses, ask yourself what areas of life bring the most worries and stress. How can you make the shift to focus on God, on the generosity that only He can help us achieve?  

When we seek the Lord first, the tacos will fall in line as well.