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Day 5: The choice to trust God

Day 5: The choice to trust God

Read it: Matthew 6:28-30 & Luke 6:38

Live it: 

I am sure you have heard the term “You are what you wear.” It’s a standard we have in our world today. What you wear can reflect your interests, your personality, and your values. I will admit I fret over what outfit to wear to church! But in that overthinking, I miss out on something big. 

But in today’s reading, Jesus addresses this worldly anxiety. All of nature works together in unison and trusts God. But we as humans are pulled apart because we try to live our own lives dependent upon material things. Worrying over these things becomes a waste of our energy and a damper on our gratitude. If God can clothe the flowers of the field, the lesser part of creation, won’t He also clothe human beings, the greatest part of creation?

As you are reading today, ask yourself this question: Do you trust that you are important to God?

Ps. Jessica