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Day 7 Rahab (Past)

Read it: Joshua 6:25 & Joshua 2 & Matthew 1:5
Live it:

Our scripture readings are out of order today, and that’s intentional. In the first scripture we read Rahab is listed as “Rahab the prostitute.” In the second scripture reading, we see Rahab’s faith in action, and in our final scripture reading, we see her listed in Jesus’s genealogy.

What’s interesting here is that she is not listed as a prostitute in Matthew, but in Joshua she is. I believe there was some intentionality in the fact that she was included in Jesus’s genealogy. God could have easily left her out or whitewashed her past. But he didn’t; she was listed as a prostitute in Hebrews, and in Matthew, she is not. Jesus changes the game, and he changes us.

Don’t let your past define you. View your past in the light of God’s grace. If you truly accept God’s grace and forgiveness, your past can be a story of redemption, not condemnation. If you haven’t already accepted the fact that you are a child of God, do it today. If you haven’t accepted the fact that you are forgiven and set free, do it today.

Ps. James

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