Focus314 Church

Day 7 

Read it: Mark 6:30-32Psalm 23

Live it: 

Today’s reading brings us alongside Jesus’ disciples while they were doing some great ministry. They were reporting back to Jesus all that they had accomplished.  It was good stuff they were doing, and they were happy and excited to be doing it. 

Jesus recognized, in the midst of all this good ministry, that his disciples were getting so busy doing good work, that they didn’t even have time to eat and they probably didn’t have time to be grateful! He loved them enough to tell them that is was time to rest. So they left by boat for a quiet place where they could be alone. 

Do it: 

We want you to take some time today to rest and do a very short activity. We’d like you to review your list of things you are grateful for and visualize each item from this week being crossed out, taken away, how does that make you feel? Not good, huh? Loss is never good and over the next week you are going to spend time visualizing what it would be like to lose some of the things you are grateful for. It will not be easy, but you are not alone; you have a church praying for you, and you have scripture to strengthen you. Psalm 23 is a great scripture to memorize and write down on a notecard and carry with you this coming week. If you need prayer, you can submit your prayer request at this link.

Pastor James