Focus314 Church

Day 8

Read it: Proverbs 17:17Genesis 37:12-36

Live it: 

Relationships are an essential part of our journey. But what if at one point, the people who surrounded us are not there to help us in our time of need? How would we react? How would we proceed? In our reading today we see that Joshua‘s brothers, his blood brothers, decided to turn on him. This must’ve been difficult for him. But there was one thing that gave Joseph the power to keep going. That one thing was that God was with him. He knew that no matter what, or who left his side, that God would always be by his side. 

So no matter what relationships come and go in our lives, we must keep this truth in our hearts: God will never leave our side–the same way he never left Joseph’s side. God will be there to lead us and strengthen us in our most difficult battles.

Do it:

Think about the relationships you are grateful for.  Review the list of items you wrote down on Day 1. Now, visualize those relationships being taken away from you. How would you process that? What support would you need? What would you need to do about it? 

Pastor Franky