Focus314 Church

Day 9- Feel Different: How do I choose joy?

Read it: Psalm 16:11 & John 15:9-11 & James 1:2-4

Live it:  Every day when we wake up, we all have a choice. We have a choice to choose joy or choose sorrow for that day. Morning time is the hardest part of most everyone’s day. It’s when outstanding issues or situations come to the forefront of our minds. It’s when we realize certain things need to get done, and if they don’t get done, we will not be happy campers. The pressures of this world can be very heavy, and certain situations can make us feel like we are going to snap in two. 

What if I told you that when these hard times come, you can find joy in them? That when your plans go out of whack, you can find joy and peace? The only place that we can find this joy is in Jesus. When we think about the love that Jesus has for us, when we think of all the goodness that he has shown us, when we think of all the sin that he has washed away, how can we not be filled with joy?! So the next time you’re down, remember he loves you. He is the reason we are standing. It’s because of his love and grace that we have been saved. If you ever feel like the world is crashing down on you, remind yourself that Jesus loves you. He is your protector and provider. Let his love for you produce joy in your life. 

Ps. Franky