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Day 9 I am chosen

Read it: 1 Peter 2:9 & John 15:16
Live it:
Little kids love to be chosen when they are playing a game made up of teams. I remember in my elementary days, dreading being chosen last. I didn’t want to be left behind in front of a group of my peers. No one likes to be chosen last or not at all. It makes us feel as though we have no value or purpose.

Many people who are chosen, however, do not realize they were chosen for a purpose! There are many followers who feel as though they were chosen just to escape eternal death. But I have good news today. They, and you, were chosen for a higher purpose. If you have said yes to Jesus, it’s not just to save you and make a better life. God wants you to go out and testify to others about Jesus.

I challenge you today as you read the two verses to remember your purpose and why you are a chosen child of God.

Ps. Jessica

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