Focus314 Church

April 10 – Day 9: The Samaritan Woman

Read it- John 4 :1-42

Live it- It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like, what language you speak, your gender, or even the sin you have or had in your life. Jesus came to make us all victorious. This example is shown through the Samaritan woman who (according to the cultural norms of the time) was the wrong nationality, wrong gender, and a sinner, yet Jesus chooses to stop, spend time with her, and show the Samaritan woman her victorious worth. 

The thing I admire most about this passage is that the Samaritan woman, once she realized her victory, chose to go and tell others. I pray this encourages you today to remember your worth- and to go and tell others about the Victory they can find in Jesus! 

-Ps. Jenni