Focus314 Church

April 14 – Day 13: Naomi

Read it- Ruth 1-4

Live it- “When it rains, it pours.” The bills are due, the car breaks down, and you have to take your child to urgent care. Or maybe a loved one’s death, a cancer diagnosis, and a job loss all crash down on you in one week. Many of us can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed by suffering. You try to move forward, but the blows keep coming. Like we as humans often do, Naomi identifies God at the heart of her troubles. She declared, “The Lord’s hand has turned against me!” (Ruth 1:13b).

But take heart, Naomi’s story doesn’t end there. In today’s reading we will see how her story encourages us to remain steadfast in our faith and rest in the knowledge that God provides. No matter how long we wait, our faith is not in vain. Like Naomi, no matter how bleak life seems now, we too may look back one day and see where and how God was working all along. 

-Ps Jessica