Focus314 Church

Day 1- Introduction

Read it: Ephesians 4:20- 5:2

Live it:  

Ephesians 4:20 “But that isn’t what you learned about Christ.”

The first verse of today’s reading should spark a powerful question inside of every believer: “What have you learned about Christ?” Not, “What do you believe about Christ?” Not, “What do you wish about Christ?” Especially not, “What does culture say about Christ?” 

Take a moment and think through some of the truths that you have learned about Jesus Christ. 

Now, about those truths that you have learned about Christ, ask yourself this question: “Where did I learn those truths?

We live in a culture that will try to distort the truth of Jesus Christ. It will make something sound so good that we might even believe that it is the truth. But is it really? 

There is one place we should learn the truth of Christ: The Word of God. Here is how we say it at Focus Church. 

“If the Bible says it…we believe it!”

Over the next 21 days we will see that the truth that Jesus teaches us is not the false narrative that the world is trying to teach us. We will see that Jesus teaches us to believe different…think different…LIVE DIFFERENT!

Ps. Darren