Focus314 Church

Day 10 – Life through the Spirit

Read it: Romans 8:1-17

Live it: In 2008, the Detroit Lions did not win a single game during the NFL season. They took to the field sixteen times and were defeated each time. Needless to say, they felt defeated and, as a lifelong Lions fan, I did, too. It was easy for them to start identifying as a team that was easy to beat, and it was hard for me to defend my support of a team who couldn’t win one game.

Now, life brings many more struggles than being a fan of a winless sports team, but the 2008 Lions season taught me one thing: you can always change how you are defined. Spiritually, for me, that means that my identity is not in my struggles, but in God. As you read today, take heart in Paul’s reminder that you are a child of God. That means you are an heir of God’s glory.

Ps. James