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Day 9 – Struggling With Sin

Read it : Romans 7:7-25

 Live it : This section is all about sin and how we struggle with it. It is important to recognize that we are all sinners and that’s why we need Jesus. This section starts with the idea that our sinful human nature is revealed to us through God’s word. As we read scripture, especially the law, we see our sin and problems, and we recognize that we need an answer.

We all wrestle with our sinful nature on a daily basis. Paul highlights this throughout this section. He even touches on the hopeless feeling we can get from dealing with our own sin. But I would like to highlight verse 25 – the last verse in this section. This verse exclaims the answer to our problems and our sin is Jesus! 

As you read today, thank God for giving us the answer. The answer we all need; the answer the people around us need. Thank God that Jesus died so we can be free of the chains of sin.

 -Ps. Ben

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