Focus314 Church

Day 11

Day 11: Submission

Read it: 1 Peter 2:13-15, John 14:15-21

Live it

I remember my first sleepover as a little girl. My friend’s mom announced that it was time to go to bed. We laid down, all tucked in, and she turned off the lights. My friend looked down from her top bunk and said, “we don’t actually have to go to sleep.” My mind was blown. It was the first time I remember thinking “I don’t have to do what someone says!”

And it’s the same today for most of us. We find it hard to bow to someone’s wishes, wants, or ways. We don’t want anyone to tell us what to do. We want to do it our own way. Just the word alone, “submission,” raises the hairs on the back of our necks. Our first instinct is “I don’t have to do what someone says!” But today’s reading tells us that submission is a part of Christian life. Peter tells us to submit to human authority and to do it with honor. 

It seems like an awful word, submission. We dread it, we run from it, we ignore it. But once we see the ultimate submission Jesus gave by fully submitting his life for our salvation, and realize we are called to live like that, submission goes from awful to filling us with awe!

Ps. Jessica