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Day 11: The choice of worry

Day 11: The choice of worry

Read it: Matthew 6:25-27 & Romans 12:10

Live it: 

When I was a  junior in high school, we had a school dance in the spring. I can’t remember the name of the dance, but I remember the first name of the girl whom I wanted to ask to the dance–Angie. We didn’t really know each other, we didn’t have the same friend group, and we only had one class together. But I thought she was cute, so I wanted to ask her to the dance. So with all the awkwardness I could muster, I walked up to her and asked her to the dance. Not a split second later, not a moment to think about it, not “let me think about it.” She let out a strong laugh. She must have seen how taken back I was with her response, and she apologized. But the damage was done, the image was seared into my mind.

Being generous with our love is not an easy way to live our lives because of one specific issue everyone deals with: “Will they love me back?”  

Insecurities grip us; worry can consume us and cause us to be selfish with choosing whom we will love. Instead of being fueled by our insecurities, be filled with the confidence that God is your source of love, constantly filling you and allowing you to be irrationally generous with your love for one another. 

Ps. Darren