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Day 12: The choice to trust God

Day 12: The choice to trust God

Read it: Matthew 6:28-30 & Romans 13:8 & John 14:15

Live it: 

Trust is a tricky thing. It is something that can take years to build but only a moment to destroy. It can be hard to trust, and sadly, some of us chose not to trust at all. 

God values trust, yet we so often choose to keep our trust solely in ourselves. When we do this, it limits the way we can love.

If we want to be generous in our love, we have to be able to trust God. That is a choice that goes against our own human nature, but it is a choice we have to make. When we trust Him, we are free to love generously without fear. 

That freedom allows us to openly share loving kindness with those around us. There is no fear because we have complete trust in our God. He is the only One who never breaks that trust. 

With that foundation of trust, generosity is a much easier decision to make. It is an outpouring of what God has given us.

While reading, think back about your choice to put your trust in God.  How can that change your capacity to love others?