Focus314 Church

Day 16

Read it: James 5:16, Genesis 3:1-12

Live it:

Why do we have a hard time being honest? Our reading in James tells us to confess our sins to each other, but how often do you do that? How often are you truly honest? The story of Adam tells us the answer in the dialogue between God and Adam in our Genesis reading today:

1. Fear

2. Shame

3. Blame

It begins with the first known sin, and then God asks Adam the first set of questions known to us: Where are you? Adam tells him that he was fearful because he was naked (because he felt shame). God then asks him who told you you are naked? Then, he places the blame at the feet of God and on Eve.

Fear, shame, and blame must be overcome for you to confess your sins to each other. If you are struggling with one of these, talk about it. Hiding your sin only feeds fear; it only feeds shame. Talking about it and working through it will help bring you to the path to true healing. The best way to work through it is with someone else. It’s not easy, but confession is the path to healing.

Ps. James