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Day 17

Read it: Psalm 150, John 4:23-24

Live it:

Everyone worships something or someone. Some people worship money, some people worship artists and some people worship celebrities. The question I have for you today is who do you worship?

You and I were created to worship the living. God gave hands to clap and lift them in worship. He gave us our lips to proclaim the glory of his name. In today’s reading, we see Jesus telling the Samaritan woman the time is coming when the Father is looking for those who will worship in spirit and the truth. Guess what? The time is now! God is seeking those worshipers who will worship him, and praise him, no matter where they are.

You may ask yourself What does it look like to worship in SPIRIT and truth? To worship God with our spirit is to worship him with everything within us. It’s to sing with the depths of our inner being. Giving him our all.

The TRUTH part of this statement means to know who you are worshiping. Jesus tells the Samaritan woman “You Samaritans know little about who you worship.” For us to know more truth, we must read our Bibles. The Bible will fill us with God‘s truth about who he is. The more we read the more we will be the worshipers that he is seeking. Worshipers who worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH.

Ps. Franky

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