Focus314 Church

Day 18

Read it: Psalm 95:6-7, Acts 16:22-26

Live it:

In today’s reading, we will see how there is power in worship and praise. In today’s reading, we will see Paul and Silas are sent to prison for setting a girl free from a demon. Her masters were so mad they beat Paul and Silas and threw them into prison! As they sat in prison, they began to sing hymns. Some people might ask “Why would you sing in such a situation?” The reason why they sang was because they knew to whom they were singing. They knew both of them were safe in the Lord and that God would make a way.

Are you facing a situation where you feel like you are in a prison? Do you feel like you’ve been beaten up by the world? I encourage you to worship God in your lowest moments. Sing with all of your soul as if the battle is already won. Sing the truth of who he is. As you sing, the prison walls will come down for there is power in worship.

Ps. Franky