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Day 17- Love Different

Read it: Ephesians 4:32 & Ephesians 5:2 & Matthew 22:36-40

Live it:  

During the last 5 days of this Binge The Bible, we will be looking at how to love different.

In order to do so we must first understand how God loves. Scripture tells us to love others as Christ loves us. Not many people really live that out because Jesus loves in a very different way than the world. He loves unconditionally, and he loves the unlovable. He forgives, and he sacrifices selflessly for others. The world looks at love in a very different light. It says to only love those who are like you or only love those who love you back. The world says that a little sacrifice for love is okay, but don’t sacrifice too much. 

As you reflect on the scripture today, think about how the world loves versus how Jesus loves. Think about the people all around you. Are you showing the love of the world or the love of Christ?

Ps. Ben