Focus314 Church

Day 19- Love Different: How should I love others?

Read it: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 & John 13:34-35

Live it:  

When we love others, we choose to love them as Jesus has loved us. At the very core of loving others is discipleship. If Jesus wants me to love, I should probably do it.

That love for others is not the worldly love we see around us. It is a truly unconditional love–not a feeling or emotion, but a commitment. The Word calls us to love in a way that sets us apart from this world, a love that sticks no matter what gets thrown its way.

We get to read a passage from the famous “love chapter” today. It is a list of attributes that many of us may have memorized or heard frequently. Yet, what does it look like in our daily lives?

Too often we read the words without ever really letting them sink in. How does each definition of love fit into my life? When we ask that question, we get a little closer to modeling the love that Jesus showed us: A love that builds, solidifies, and expands his kingdom.