Focus314 Church

Day 2 Abraham (Lying)

Read it: Genesis 12:10-20 & Hebrews 11:8-10
Live it:
In Ecuador in 2021, I volunteered to preach a 40-minute word. The only catch was that I had to speak that night. It took all day, but I ended up speaking about Abraham and his struggles.

We don’t learn about Abraham’s struggles in Sunday school, but he had some! In this passage, he lies about his wife, giving her to the king, and even accepting gifts for the decision. That’s definitely at the more end of the lying pendulum.

Yet, we can see from the rest of his story that this moment does not define him. He is known as a hero of the faith, written about as an example for us to follow.

Too often we let the struggles we make define our stories. We begin to believe the lie that our identity is found in the mistakes we make. Look at Abraham; where would he be if he stayed in that lie?

God’s definition of us is not our struggles. Even when mistakes happen, and they will, we have to choose our true identity. Lying is an easy mistake. We’ve all done it. It takes just a second, but the cost is high. The cost of losing our true identity is something none of us should be willing to pay. Operate in the truth of God’s identity spoken over us. It may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.

As you read these passages today, ask yourself “What area in my life do I need to operate in the truth of God’s definition?”