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Day 2: The choice of two visions

Day 2: The choice of two visions 

Read it: Matthew 6:22-23 & 1 Timothy 6:17-19

Live it: 

In today’s reading we will see two different  ways of being rich. The rich of this world who put all their hope in their wealth and those who choose to place their hope in God. The downfall of those who place their hope in their riches is that those riches can disappear within minutes! God wants us to understand that our vision should be set on spiritual wealth, not the wealth of this world. He wants us to put our hope in him. 

When we set our vision on Jesus, we can be sure that he will provide and that his riches will not fade away. Once we set our focus on him, we will be able to be generous like never before because we will know that he is our provider, and he is faithful. 

Ps. Franky