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Day 20

Day 20: Guidance 

Read it: Psalm 119:105, Matthew 11:28-29

Live it

Guidance is so important to have in our lives. And I love the idea of seeing it in the light of a spiritual discipline. It takes work to realize that we need help and to seek that guidance from wise sources. There are a few really good places to get guidance; Your Pastor or other spiritually mature believers are a good place. However, the best place to receive guidance is from the Word. 

Our scripture for the day compares the Bible as a light for our path so we can see where our feet are going. Now I don’t know about you but I have been on my fair share of early morning runs and night hikes. Having a light for your path is essential without it you would not know if you’re about to step on something dangerous. The same goes for our spiritual walk. If we do not seek guidance and try to go in on our own power without a light, we could stumble or fall hard. I encourage you to keep binging the Bible, and find people who will speak spiritual truth into your life.

Ps. Ben

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