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Day 3 Jesus’ Ministry (Galilee) Luke 5

Read it : Luke 5 

Live it : 

As you’re about to see while we dive deeper into the Gospel of Luke, reading through one chapter of Luke can encompass many days and/or experiences in the life of Jesus. Today as you read more about Jesus’ time in Galilee ask God to speak to you through one of the accounts. 

As I read through today I noticed how in the gospel of Luke (a little more often than other accounts) the place of prayer in Jesus’ life is highlighted. It encouraged me to consider- if Jesus, who was God himself, relied heavily on His prayer life, how much more so do we need to follow that example. 

Be challenged, just as the end of this chapter points out through parables, not to become too comfortable with what we have been doing, but to always desire something better. A better relationship with Him. 

Ps. Jenni