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Day 4 Jesus’ Ministry (Galilee) Luke 6

Read it : Luke 6

Live it : 

Chapter  6 starts off with two of the confrontations between the Pharisees and Jesus. As we read the start of chapter six, notice the difference displayed between the pharisees and Jesus. How does Jesus confront the legalism of the religious leaders?

The next section details the choosing of the twelve apostles. This should be reflected in the way that we build the relationships around us. The crowds represent all the people you know, you can witness to all of them but not all should be allowed to speak into your life. The disciples are your friends, and the 12 apostles represent your closest friends( Wolfpack).

The Last section sees Jesus teaching the crowd and his disciples. The focus of this section should be our own lives. Are we loving others, or Judging them? Are we a tree that is producing good fruit? How strong is our Foundation in Christ? Take time to really reflect and pray on this section as you read it.

Ps. Ben

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