Focus314 Church

Day 7

Read It:
Edmund H Sears – “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” – 
Matt 5:17

Live It:
History reads that Edmund Sears wrote this hymn from a period of personal melancholy. In 1849 there were news headlines of war, sin, and strife, but even through the fog of fear, Sears knew that when the praise goes up, the power comes down! See for yourself in the lyrics here. 

God’s gift to us- His son- is the fulfillment of the prophecy as we see in our paired scripture, Matthew 5:17. Jesus came so that when we praise God, there are no barriers between us. We can share our praises from a place completely right with God. 

What a gift! No matter our feelings and fears, no matter our past we can praise without any barriers, and we can fully experience the peace, hope, and love of God. 

Pastor Jenni