Focus314 Church

Day 8

Read It:
1 Corinthians 13

Live It: 
We use a lot of words to describe love. But love is not simple. In fact, many times it’s anything but simple. Today, we are going to read about a specific type of love – selfless love.

Today’s scripture is very popular in wedding ceremonies because it defines the type of love a couple should have for one another. However, Paul was writing this to the Corinthians because he wanted them to understand what selfless love looked like. Paul wanted the people of the Corinthian church to display the type of selfless love that Christians are called to live in their everyday lives.

Jesus showed us his love by sacrificing himself on the cross for you and me to have eternal life. This is the greatest act of selflessness that has ever been recorded in all of history. We must strive to love the way Paul calls us to love because this is the love that God has shown to each of us!

Pastor Jessica