Binge The Bible

21 Day Bible Reading Plan
September 2023

Welcome to Binge the Bible, a 21 day Bible reading plan designed to begin your year. From Genesis to Revelation revealing God’s overarching plan for humanity. At the end of this plan you will have a deeper love and respect for God’s Word, and his plan for your life. Our hope, this 21 day journey is simply the beginning of your year to Binge the Bible.

Day 1 Creation

Read Day 1

Day 2 Fall of Man

Read Day 2

Day 3 The Beginning of the Fulfillment

Read Day 3

Day 4 PASSOVER & 10 Commandments

Read Day 4

Day 5 Entering the promised land & fall of Jericho

Read Day 5

Day 6 Judges

Read Day 6

Day 7 Choosing a King

Read Day 7

Day 8 A man after god’s heart

Read Day 8

Day 9 Rest in the Lord

Read Day 9

Day 10 The suffering servant

Read Day 10

Day 11 God over everything

Read Day 11

Day 12 Birth of Jesus

Read Day 12

Day 13 Baptism on Temptation

Read Day 13

Day 14 Sermon on the Mount

Read Day 14

Day 15 Parable of the sower

Read Day 15

Day 16 Death and REsurrection of Jesus

Read Day 16

Day 17 Establishment of the church

Read Day 17

Day 18 Romans Road to Salvation

Read Day 18

Day 19 Life with the spirit and fruit of the spirit

Read Day 19

Day 20 How to live the greatest commandment

Read Day 20

Day 21 Defeat of satan and new heaven and new hearth

Read Day 21