Binge The Bible

21 Day Bible Reading Plan
March 2024

Welcome to Binge the Bible. What started as one 21-day reading plan to start the year has turned into a movement of pursuing God. 

Psalm 119:25 says, “I lie in the dust; revive me by your word.” At Focus Church, we hope that every person will experience the abundant life that God has intended for us to live. We believe that happens when we are revived by the Word of God.

In March, we chose to focus on the issue of identity. The first 7 days cover Biblical narratives of people and their struggles but not being defined by their struggles. Instead, they are defined (as are we) by God.

The last two weeks are how God defines us.

Join us as we READ IT…LIVE IT.

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Week 1- Heroes and their identity issues

Day 2 Abraham (Lying)

Day 3 Sarah (Doubt)

Day 4 Moses (Anger)

Day 5 Peter (Fear)

Day 6 David (Purity)

Day 7 Rahab (Past)

Day 8 I am a child of God

Day 9 I am chosen

Day 10 I am no longer condemned

Day 11 I am a new creation

Day 12 I am free

Day 13 I am victorious

Day 14 I am a friend of God

Day 15 I am made for a good purpose

Day 16 I am salt and light to the world

Day 17 I am a citizen of heaven

Day 18 I am a temple of the Holy Spirit

Day 19 I am righteous

Day 20 I am holy

Day 21 I am a mighty warrior